Happiness Revolution, in a World of Lies Told

More than anything, the problems we face in today’s world are mostly the struggle to find truth and meaning in life. Most work to live, with little “life” in between. When I say life, I don’t mean getting drunk, or using drugs as a means to “having fun.” I mean experiences that make you happy, simply for the joy of being happy, with your conscious unaltered. Things like a beautiful day in the park, watching your children smile and play, going on a hike, taking a refreshing bike ride, interacting with like-minded souls. You know, experiences that make you reflect later in the day, happy for their pure simplicity. Something in today’s society that is all too rare. Many are more focused on compulsory behaviors as a matter of being happy, when life is much much deeper than what meets the eye. 

In the constitution it states we all have the right to “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.” Within this statement lies one problem, happiness is not a pursuit, it is a mind state, a choice. Just because a person is happy, does not mean they are rich, or have everything they wish or desire. But what they chose to do, was to wake up and BE happy. This is a simple task, many find so complicated.We get caught up in finding what makes us happy, that we forget to be happy in the process.

In many ways from the very our beginning of schooling we are taught to be obedient “good little children.” Which is fine, but when we dig a little deeper into the words our parents constantly said to us, such as “be nice,” we then find a conundrum of problems. When we take a look into the etymology of words, (Which means the root or meaning of a word, and the English language is a mixture of many languages. A type of gibberish, if you will) we then begin to see that the words we say have entirely different meanings than their intent. The definition of nice is as follows; “foolish, stupid, senseless,” from Old French nice (12c.) “careless, clumsy; weak; poor, needy; simple, stupid, silly, foolish,” from Latin nescius “ignorant, unaware,” literally “not-knowing,” from ne- “not” (see un-) + stem of scire “to know.” So now you see why so many are confused as regards to our understanding of life. The theory of being a good little child, then travels into adulthood with being a good little citizen, meanwhile governments are blowing up cities and agreeing to poison our eco systems. (Monsanto) Although in many ways being a good little anything, we forfeit who we really are.

This problem is also seen in modern day religion, where many don’t entirely live by the rules of the book, but by what they believe to be the rules. For example the Bible states;Genesis 1:27 ; So God created man in his own image, in the image of God created he him; male and female created he them. With this, couldn’t we interpret it as man created in the image and likeness of God, but then why is it blasphemous to say you are God-like? Would you tell your child, you made them in the image of your likeness, but deny them that they ARE you? Humans are simply amazing, we can create, the mind is able to do limitless things, yet so many believe they are less than this. Studies tell us that we only use about 5% of the brain, and we are fooled to think some are left or right brain thinkers, when God gave everyone a left and right brain capacity? I think many things are misinterpreted and made in many ways to confuse us into believing things that simply hold no value.(Take into consideration that the very Bible many read; The King James version, it was historically re-written by.. King James) Thus, when we get to adulthood we stumble over our own feet, trying to find a path true to our own hearts. Given the lies we’ve been told.


This is why in many ways is I stress the importance of finding spirituality. Am I a guru or a sage? No. But I do know and believe I have a higher calling, much more than working a 9-5, or being a millionaire. We are often too engulfed in the 3D physical realm, that we forget we are not a body, we are a soul, within a body. A simple, yet powerful change in thinking about WHO we are. We then learn to stop in the midst of madness, keep calm, and discover who we really are. Sent here to learn a lesson, and experience love, something we often fall short of. Often repeating the same lessons, and losing out on the true meaning of love, the true essence of the divine. As simple as it is, life has been twisted on many levels to throw us off our paths. Sometimes we need to look a bit deeper than whats been given to us and question its true nature.There are many things I could tell you about that would change your world, but your path is your journey. And until you break out of the box, the box that doesn’t exist, then you will truly be free. There’s a quote I live and die by, “Question everything you’ve been told, dismiss what insults your soul.”-Walt Whitman

There are many things that don’t sit well with me, and they shouldn’t with you either. If you only dare to know the truth behind the veil, the man of Oz pulling the strings, then will you be set free in this thing called the Matrix. Until we meet again……




Ebony Star*






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  1. milothomas2013
    May 18, 2013 @ 23:38:26

    This was one of the realest words of wisdom on point and smooth well said this is inspiration at its peak. MiloThomas.


  2. milothomas2013
    May 25, 2013 @ 23:18:23

    What’s happending u ok what’s going on my sisters


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