The WOMB of Man

As I sit here and write on the Eve of mothers day, I can’t help but think what the future holds for my beautiful daughters. What will they grow up to think women should be? I often have conversations with close friends regarding the downfall of the woman’s image in our patriarchal society. Not to say there hasn’t always been the mind state that women have a place, mainly in the kitchen, laundry room, and tending to the children. But, we have come so far from this stereotype only to fall back down into a bottomless pit. With lyrics and music videos that degrade the woman’s image, taking her off her once high placed pedestal and putting her beneath the feet of men, it’s hard for me to accept the images other women willingly accept. If you think about it, without the woman, there is no society. We are where it all begins.

In college I took a class called “Media and Society,” and we looked at the position of reality and how much of it is triggered by media. The saying used to go “Art is an imitation of life,” but in 2013 everybody wants to be like the girls in the movies, videos, and magazine ads, instead of the other way around. We have come to a point where life is dictated by what we see. But who would willingly admit to it? We are all individuals right? Right…. In this class we also discussed whether woman have always been viewed as some type of object, and we compared this theory to the position of woman in paintings, as well as in advertisements. Do women wear makeup for the satisfaction of self or for acceptance into the “community of the bold and the beautiful?” Do women shave their legs because this is just what we women do, or is it driven by the wants of men? This is a question women don’t dare to ask themselves, because in many ways we don’t do much of anything because WE want to. We do it to fit in, as well as gain the attention of our male counterpart.

In these times more than any other, us women fight for the right to be loved, to be liked, and socially accepted. We do all kinds of crazy things for what we believe to be beauty, when in fact the only beauty we have is what God gave us at birth, in our most natural state. More than not, I find it that most men appreciate a women who doesn’t need to cover her true beauty with false beauty on a daily basis. A woman who is comfortable in her own skin, and proudly shows it. I mean, people get offended when they are told they are beautiful without makeup! If that isn’t a cry for help, then I’m not really sure what is anymore.

Halle Berry

If you listen to the latest lyrics in what is now considered Hip-Hop, men talk about “beating up the p**sy, running up in it, tossing that cake,etc ” you get my drift. How lovely huh? If we go back in time to artists like Al Green and Luther Vandross, you could feel the love they had for women in their music. They understood the the position of the Womb-man, because she of course is the WOMB of all men.

First and foremost what I have learned is that for a woman to get any respect, she must first respect herself. The more we feed into calling ourselves “Bitches and Hoes,” as well as accepting those terms socially, we will remain under the feet of men. A place we were ever meant to be, considering without us, there simply is.. well, nothing. Now don’t get me wrong, can a confident woman shave her legs, and wear makeup? Of course! But, she is not defined by it. With or without it SHE, still deems herself beautiful.

In all due respect my fellow queens, if you want respect, respect yourself. Cover up a bit, wear less make up, and most of all love you for YOU! Women who fought long and hard to get out of the kitchens and into the male dominated world, would be ashamed of what us women have let ourselves to become degraded into. Everyone wants to be socially accepted, but we often forfeit all too much of who we re ally are, just to fit in. We alter the true us, into what we believe to be acceptable. How can we honestly then say those who love us, actually love.. US?  It’s time we step back into our place within circle of life. We are the only beings created to create! How OMazing huh?!

Happy Mother’s day Ladies! Even if you haven’t bore a child. (;



Ebony Star*

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