The Nature of My Mother

This poem was written almost 7 years ago, as a then graduating senior in High School. The project called for us to look closely at nature, and to write a poem about it. This poem describes the resemblance between Mother Nature, and the Mother. Happy Mothers day!

Mother Nature’s first thirst before the light

A realm that is almost untouched

The waters sweet violin music soothes my ears

The cold breeze inhales my soul, with a 1,2,3 cadence

Beating to the rhythm of the waves

My Body shivers to its cold touch, but as I dive deeper into it’s cold depths, I feel comfort.

It flows like a belly dancer, sensual and invoking

Enticing me with the love it has to give

Fish’s scales wave vibrantly¬† to me through the water

Reflections smile at the laughter of the ducks, as their wings fan to cool her body

Chilling her rock bottom

Her fossil necklace of long forgotten rocks, accentuates the fountain of her youth

Heavenly, and almost blinding to the senses

A sensual feeling runs through the blood in my veins

Trickling an almost unmistakable touch of my mother.


Picture credit to:,d.dmg&psig=AFQjCNFbqs_iBrRP4HxyPKHexAmDbAHsOQ&ust=1368449826276146

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