Sleeping Titans

Sometimes when I look around amidst all of the gossip, celebrity worshipping, and mindless behavior, I think where did we go wrong? As a society we (I say this loosely, not entirely including myself as a part of it) have truly forgotten the purpose of our existence, the true essence of being HUMAN. Instead of worshiping the only temple we own, which is our bodies, by treating it well, we instead destroy it by negative thinking and processed foods. The value of nutrition has gone down, meanwhile the use of pharmaceutical drugs has gone up. Instead of truly caring about our earth (the only home we have) we take part in the willful destruction of it by supporting companies like Nestle and Monsanto. We depend all too much on this delusional world filled with moral-less celebrities whom “set the bar,” for what we believe to be fashionable, along with false beliefs in who we think we ought to be. We (knowingly) support violence, rape, killing, adultery, and foolishness on television, but it’s not OK in “real life.” We have fallen into a lull of sleep due to the lack of ability to actually think in today’s world.

Many are so busy worried about their own lives, that some truths may not fit into the reality they have created for themselves. We are  too busy dedicating our lives to our kids, work, school, church… you know, “life.” Its become more convenient to worry about self than the world right? The world is a very trivial place, wrought with all sorts of problems that may seem un-fixable at times, but I believe quite the contrary. One thing for sure is for change to come, it will take more than one person to move mountains. As we have seen in the past, the few that did alone were.. (Ahh-hum) assassinated.

Spiritually, humans are at an all time low, and some groups more than others are forced into spirit-breaking circumstances such as poverty, low-paying jobs, inflated product prices, and the list goes on. With battles like these sometimes its much too hard to look at the bigger picture when your fighting an upward-hill battle, just because the color of your skin. Something that is still all too true in good ol’ America, where racism and lies are cloaked in camouflage, along with the approval from your favorite celebrity.

Much of our problems stem from not knowing where we come from, not knowing the truth outside of U.S. history books, which usually feature less than 10% of true, (if any) history about so called “African-Americans.” This history is not only including people of color, but the human race as a whole, considering we all came from ONE place. But we are too dis-illusioned with race, social status, and “class”, that we forget we are ALL just human.

It is time we return to who we are meant to be. We can all (or at least some) feel it deep within our souls, that we were meant for greater things! This is not a movement, it is a way of life. You can’t pretend to care one day, but forget the next. Our future depends on the awakening of the sleeping masses that are being lulled to sleep by big corporations and the media,(all owned by the same people) as if everything is “a-OK.” Lets turn off the tv’s, stop the gossiping, stop the hating, and lack of self-worth, and focus on building a future for generations to come. We have come too far to be a blight in the eyes of future generations, the future of OUR children is in our hands. Because those who stay silent in the midst of evil, are just as much to blame. Heal your spirit and together we can heal the world.


Ebony Star*

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April 2013
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