Keep Calm, and go Vegan

Not too long ago I took on the “venture”  of going completely vegan. (a.k.a Raw Food Diet) This idea came about after first abstaining to only seafood, to officially ditching meat all together. One of the many questions that I often get is “How do you get your protein?.” Well my friends, if we all actually did our own research we would learn that it is not only healthier to not consume meat, but it seems to be a part of the “natural way” of human life.  Out of all the species on the planet who eat foods, may they be herbivore or carnivore, the human species is the only one who opts to cook its food. (Which is often the pseudonym used for killing your food.) Yes protein is found in many meats, but it is also found in almost everything from spinach, to fruits, seeds, nuts, almond milk, etc. Thus the need of protein via meat, can be viewed as somewhat of a myth.

In an article written by ABC, they discuss the way meat manufacturers use carbon monoxide in meats to keep the meats color red, and “fresh” looking. Within the article they discuss a piece of meat treated with carbon monoxide, that was over two years old, but still held its red color. (Hmm.. a bit odd)  Now,  anybody with a sensible brain would understand that any product that contains any non-natural additives IS NOT  healthy, nor natural for the human body. Don’t believe me just look on the back of a product you buy, and I can guarantee you can’t pronounce half of the ingredients. Then look up the health benefits, that is if you can find any. In a Doctor Oz special about  GMO (Genetically Modified) foods, they discuss the many reasons why GMO’s, as well as food additives may be harmful to one’s health. (Thus Prop 37, urging companies to label GMO foods)

In a world where it is becoming increasingly obvious that the rise of sicknesses and health issues is at an all time peak. (US has highest obesity levels)  We must take a step back to analyze the things we put into our bodies, giving it its “life.” I don’t want to go on a tangent about how eating meat is evil, because all in all, do you really know what you are eating anyways? With recent meat scandals, GMO foods in plentiful quantities, corn-fed animals injected with steroids, hormones, antibiotics, etc, and dis-ease on the rise, it’s time to really use our brains and decide do we want to keep contaminating our bodies?

In a recent documentary titled “Hungry for Change,” They discuss the many foods we consume that are often high in calories, but offer the body no nutrition. This being one of the reasons for the spike in health issues seen at almost epidemic levels, especially in kids. Not to mention we are more dis-ease ridden today than we were 50 years ago. They also discuss that we are dealing with foods that contain particular ingredients that cause the consumer to crave more of the food, similar to an addiction. This fact  has become one of the many reasons I have chosen to lose the meat. We are no longer consuming just meat, we are consuming antibiotics, hormones, and only heaven knows what else.

If you’d like to look at it on a spiritual level, look at it like this. EVERYTHING has a vibe, aura, frequency, (whatever you’d like to label it) and considering the animal you are eating is dead, the frequency of that animal is very very low. Ever seen a dead human body? There seems to be that spark of life missing, YES? Well all in all you are consuming something that will offer NOTHING to the light within you, so why consume it. 1000 years ago who was really counting calories, worrying about protein intake and looking at so-called food pyramids? Let me guess, NO one. Look at a vegan diet as a way to build the spirit that lives within you. Stop trying to fix your health problems from outside in, and work on it from the inside. Never forget we are MIND, BODY, AND SOUL. One of which is eternal, so treat it well, and give your body “food for the soul.”





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  1. Damien
    Apr 11, 2013 @ 09:02:26

    Clearly, I’m a fella who has eaten a cow or two in “my day..”. If my phone had fur, I swear I’d probably filet that…. That said, I found your article pleasing but yet alarming…

    Keep up the good work!!!



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