Happiness Revolution, in a World of Lies Told

More than anything, the problems we face in today’s world are mostly the struggle to find truth and meaning in life. Most work to live, with little “life” in between. When I say life, I don’t mean getting drunk, or using drugs as a means to “having fun.” I mean experiences that make you happy, simply for the joy of being happy, with your conscious unaltered. Things like a beautiful day in the park, watching your children smile and play, going on a hike, taking a refreshing bike ride, interacting with like-minded souls. You know, experiences that make you reflect later in the day, happy for their pure simplicity. Something in today’s society that is all too rare. Many are more focused on compulsory behaviors as a matter of being happy, when life is much much deeper than what meets the eye. 

In the constitution it states we all have the right to “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.” Within this statement lies one problem, happiness is not a pursuit, it is a mind state, a choice. Just because a person is happy, does not mean they are rich, or have everything they wish or desire. But what they chose to do, was to wake up and BE happy. This is a simple task, many find so complicated.We get caught up in finding what makes us happy, that we forget to be happy in the process.

In many ways from the very our beginning of schooling we are taught to be obedient “good little children.” Which is fine, but when we dig a little deeper into the words our parents constantly said to us, such as “be nice,” we then find a conundrum of problems. When we take a look into the etymology of words, (Which means the root or meaning of a word, and the English language is a mixture of many languages. A type of gibberish, if you will) we then begin to see that the words we say have entirely different meanings than their intent. The definition of nice is as follows; “foolish, stupid, senseless,” from Old French nice (12c.) “careless, clumsy; weak; poor, needy; simple, stupid, silly, foolish,” from Latin nescius “ignorant, unaware,” literally “not-knowing,” from ne- “not” (see un-) + stem of scire “to know.” So now you see why so many are confused as regards to our understanding of life. The theory of being a good little child, then travels into adulthood with being a good little citizen, meanwhile governments are blowing up cities and agreeing to poison our eco systems. (Monsanto) Although in many ways being a good little anything, we forfeit who we really are.

This problem is also seen in modern day religion, where many don’t entirely live by the rules of the book, but by what they believe to be the rules. For example the Bible states;Genesis 1:27 ; So God created man in his own image, in the image of God created he him; male and female created he them. With this, couldn’t we interpret it as man created in the image and likeness of God, but then why is it blasphemous to say you are God-like? Would you tell your child, you made them in the image of your likeness, but deny them that they ARE you? Humans are simply amazing, we can create, the mind is able to do limitless things, yet so many believe they are less than this. Studies tell us that we only use about 5% of the brain, and we are fooled to think some are left or right brain thinkers, when God gave everyone a left and right brain capacity? I think many things are misinterpreted and made in many ways to confuse us into believing things that simply hold no value.(Take into consideration that the very Bible many read; The King James version, it was historically re-written by.. King James) Thus, when we get to adulthood we stumble over our own feet, trying to find a path true to our own hearts. Given the lies we’ve been told.


This is why in many ways is I stress the importance of finding spirituality. Am I a guru or a sage? No. But I do know and believe I have a higher calling, much more than working a 9-5, or being a millionaire. We are often too engulfed in the 3D physical realm, that we forget we are not a body, we are a soul, within a body. A simple, yet powerful change in thinking about WHO we are. We then learn to stop in the midst of madness, keep calm, and discover who we really are. Sent here to learn a lesson, and experience love, something we often fall short of. Often repeating the same lessons, and losing out on the true meaning of love, the true essence of the divine. As simple as it is, life has been twisted on many levels to throw us off our paths. Sometimes we need to look a bit deeper than whats been given to us and question its true nature.There are many things I could tell you about that would change your world, but your path is your journey. And until you break out of the box, the box that doesn’t exist, then you will truly be free. There’s a quote I live and die by, “Question everything you’ve been told, dismiss what insults your soul.”-Walt Whitman

There are many things that don’t sit well with me, and they shouldn’t with you either. If you only dare to know the truth behind the veil, the man of Oz pulling the strings, then will you be set free in this thing called the Matrix. Until we meet again……




Ebony Star*






The Nature of My Mother

This poem was written almost 7 years ago, as a then graduating senior in High School. The project called for us to look closely at nature, and to write a poem about it. This poem describes the resemblance between Mother Nature, and the Mother. Happy Mothers day!

Mother Nature’s first thirst before the light

A realm that is almost untouched

The waters sweet violin music soothes my ears

The cold breeze inhales my soul, with a 1,2,3 cadence

Beating to the rhythm of the waves

My Body shivers to its cold touch, but as I dive deeper into it’s cold depths, I feel comfort.

It flows like a belly dancer, sensual and invoking

Enticing me with the love it has to give

Fish’s scales wave vibrantly  to me through the water

Reflections smile at the laughter of the ducks, as their wings fan to cool her body

Chilling her rock bottom

Her fossil necklace of long forgotten rocks, accentuates the fountain of her youth

Heavenly, and almost blinding to the senses

A sensual feeling runs through the blood in my veins

Trickling an almost unmistakable touch of my mother.


Picture credit to: http://www.ewallpapers.eu%2Fview_wallpaper%2Fmother-nature-1280-800-7751.html&ei=05GPUdafNNSz4AOKpoHQDg&bvm=bv.46340616,d.dmg&psig=AFQjCNFbqs_iBrRP4HxyPKHexAmDbAHsOQ&ust=1368449826276146

The WOMB of Man

As I sit here and write on the Eve of mothers day, I can’t help but think what the future holds for my beautiful daughters. What will they grow up to think women should be? I often have conversations with close friends regarding the downfall of the woman’s image in our patriarchal society. Not to say there hasn’t always been the mind state that women have a place, mainly in the kitchen, laundry room, and tending to the children. But, we have come so far from this stereotype only to fall back down into a bottomless pit. With lyrics and music videos that degrade the woman’s image, taking her off her once high placed pedestal and putting her beneath the feet of men, it’s hard for me to accept the images other women willingly accept. If you think about it, without the woman, there is no society. We are where it all begins.

In college I took a class called “Media and Society,” and we looked at the position of reality and how much of it is triggered by media. The saying used to go “Art is an imitation of life,” but in 2013 everybody wants to be like the girls in the movies, videos, and magazine ads, instead of the other way around. We have come to a point where life is dictated by what we see. But who would willingly admit to it? We are all individuals right? Right…. In this class we also discussed whether woman have always been viewed as some type of object, and we compared this theory to the position of woman in paintings, as well as in advertisements. Do women wear makeup for the satisfaction of self or for acceptance into the “community of the bold and the beautiful?” Do women shave their legs because this is just what we women do, or is it driven by the wants of men? This is a question women don’t dare to ask themselves, because in many ways we don’t do much of anything because WE want to. We do it to fit in, as well as gain the attention of our male counterpart.

In these times more than any other, us women fight for the right to be loved, to be liked, and socially accepted. We do all kinds of crazy things for what we believe to be beauty, when in fact the only beauty we have is what God gave us at birth, in our most natural state. More than not, I find it that most men appreciate a women who doesn’t need to cover her true beauty with false beauty on a daily basis. A woman who is comfortable in her own skin, and proudly shows it. I mean, people get offended when they are told they are beautiful without makeup! If that isn’t a cry for help, then I’m not really sure what is anymore.

Halle Berry

If you listen to the latest lyrics in what is now considered Hip-Hop, men talk about “beating up the p**sy, running up in it, tossing that cake,etc ” you get my drift. How lovely huh? If we go back in time to artists like Al Green and Luther Vandross, you could feel the love they had for women in their music. They understood the the position of the Womb-man, because she of course is the WOMB of all men.

First and foremost what I have learned is that for a woman to get any respect, she must first respect herself. The more we feed into calling ourselves “Bitches and Hoes,” as well as accepting those terms socially, we will remain under the feet of men. A place we were ever meant to be, considering without us, there simply is.. well, nothing. Now don’t get me wrong, can a confident woman shave her legs, and wear makeup? Of course! But, she is not defined by it. With or without it SHE, still deems herself beautiful.

In all due respect my fellow queens, if you want respect, respect yourself. Cover up a bit, wear less make up, and most of all love you for YOU! Women who fought long and hard to get out of the kitchens and into the male dominated world, would be ashamed of what us women have let ourselves to become degraded into. Everyone wants to be socially accepted, but we often forfeit all too much of who we re ally are, just to fit in. We alter the true us, into what we believe to be acceptable. How can we honestly then say those who love us, actually love.. US?  It’s time we step back into our place within circle of life. We are the only beings created to create! How OMazing huh?!

Happy Mother’s day Ladies! Even if you haven’t bore a child. (;



Ebony Star*

We Can Change the World II Spoken Word


This is a video shared with me via Twitter, from an amazing spoken word artist. The video’s inspiration comes from the heart of the writer in which, she describes how we CAN change the world. I loved this video because it is something I truly feel we have the power to do. Only if the masses believed also. In the video she notes, In order to change the world, it begins with changing the way we think. I hope this inspires you as much as it did me! Namaste.


Sleeping Titans

Sometimes when I look around amidst all of the gossip, celebrity worshipping, and mindless behavior, I think where did we go wrong? As a society we (I say this loosely, not entirely including myself as a part of it) have truly forgotten the purpose of our existence, the true essence of being HUMAN. Instead of worshiping the only temple we own, which is our bodies, by treating it well, we instead destroy it by negative thinking and processed foods. The value of nutrition has gone down, meanwhile the use of pharmaceutical drugs has gone up. Instead of truly caring about our earth (the only home we have) we take part in the willful destruction of it by supporting companies like Nestle and Monsanto. We depend all too much on this delusional world filled with moral-less celebrities whom “set the bar,” for what we believe to be fashionable, along with false beliefs in who we think we ought to be. We (knowingly) support violence, rape, killing, adultery, and foolishness on television, but it’s not OK in “real life.” We have fallen into a lull of sleep due to the lack of ability to actually think in today’s world.

Many are so busy worried about their own lives, that some truths may not fit into the reality they have created for themselves. We are  too busy dedicating our lives to our kids, work, school, church… you know, “life.” Its become more convenient to worry about self than the world right? The world is a very trivial place, wrought with all sorts of problems that may seem un-fixable at times, but I believe quite the contrary. One thing for sure is for change to come, it will take more than one person to move mountains. As we have seen in the past, the few that did alone were.. (Ahh-hum) assassinated.

Spiritually, humans are at an all time low, and some groups more than others are forced into spirit-breaking circumstances such as poverty, low-paying jobs, inflated product prices, and the list goes on. With battles like these sometimes its much too hard to look at the bigger picture when your fighting an upward-hill battle, just because the color of your skin. Something that is still all too true in good ol’ America, where racism and lies are cloaked in camouflage, along with the approval from your favorite celebrity.

Much of our problems stem from not knowing where we come from, not knowing the truth outside of U.S. history books, which usually feature less than 10% of true, (if any) history about so called “African-Americans.” This history is not only including people of color, but the human race as a whole, considering we all came from ONE place. But we are too dis-illusioned with race, social status, and “class”, that we forget we are ALL just human.

It is time we return to who we are meant to be. We can all (or at least some) feel it deep within our souls, that we were meant for greater things! This is not a movement, it is a way of life. You can’t pretend to care one day, but forget the next. Our future depends on the awakening of the sleeping masses that are being lulled to sleep by big corporations and the media,(all owned by the same people) as if everything is “a-OK.” Lets turn off the tv’s, stop the gossiping, stop the hating, and lack of self-worth, and focus on building a future for generations to come. We have come too far to be a blight in the eyes of future generations, the future of OUR children is in our hands. Because those who stay silent in the midst of evil, are just as much to blame. Heal your spirit and together we can heal the world.


Ebony Star*

Things loved, People Used.

Things loved, People Used.

The world as of now. Lets Change this.


The Revival of Hip Hop

For quite some time I was more than convinced Hip Hop was dead. With artists like Lil B, Trinidad James, Soulja Boy, ASAP Rocky, Future, etc. And the list goes on with people who have in my opinion, slipped their way into the realm of what is now considered Hip Hop. I mean have you ever seen Soulja Boy perform one of his songs live? Its pretty critical. He alone, puts Hip Hop into the intensive care unit. The icing on the cake for me is not only the degenerative lyrics glorifying hustling as a way of life (considering almost 80% of men of color are incarcerated for drug crimes), but also they way they have degraded the image of the wom(b)man by making her into an object defined only by her ASSets.

Major recording artist Rick Ross recently received attention for his song “U.O.E.N.O” where he raps “”Put molly all in her champagne, she ain’t even know it. I took her home and I enjoyed that, she ain’t even know it.” Although he did “apologize” for the offensive “date-rape” lyrics, these type of lyrics of nothingness are nothing new to the rap game. As a matter of fact I can’t recall a song that’s been made within the past 5 years that’s put the female on a pedestal, yet talk about something positive. One would think the current trending of music is actually not only poison to the melanin rich (My personal term for “black” people.) community, but for our community of youth listening to this type of music as a whole. Music that in the end, will influence they way they behave IN OUR communities. As many can agree, Hip Hop needs a face-lift considering lyrics from the past trump those of the present. Presenting the fact that Hip Hop has not improved!

With my recent discovery of a popular fellow tweeter @echoisthename, drawn to his tweets for his often enlightening comments discussing anything from the current state of the world, changing the way we think, string theory, dark energy matter, and the list goes on. To say the least, he is an “out-of-the-box” type of thinker who’s not afraid to state the truth, and mostly obvious paradox’s we all experience in this thing called “life.” Breaking down the most complex theories in a very simple, easy to comprehend way. And most of all, he makes you think. And if your not thinking you’re Google-ing the topic he was discussing for yourself. Not only is the 26 year young New York bread, (Washington Heights- whoop whoop!) Echo a writer, and thought-provoker who attends Los Angeles Trade & Tech for Biology, and USC for astronomy, but he is also an MC. A good one at that.

Many of his lyrics are reminiscent of an old golden era of Hip Hop, the Hip Hop that actually inspired you, making you bop your head to the hypnotizing beats and lyrics almost without your knowing. One of my favorites titled “Hip Hop High,” laced with an old school beat, with fresh lyrics like “A genius at work, I study my lines. Paralyzing like Drake in Degrassi High, and the girls in my class dress fly. They love the HHH on the jacket. Right.” Also lyrics from one of his latest debuts “Spaced Out“, “Space time. Futuristic guy, spitting physics lines,”  where the drum beat in the song is his heartbeat looped. Something I’m sure has never been done.

The on the rise artist was recently featured on Chris Brown’s official Mechanical Dummy website in an article titled “The Creator,”  by g.King. The article is very enlightening describing Echo’s take on many things most don’t think about, as well as the reason behind his motivation.  In the article, Echo describes his experiences as a youth, and what ultimately put him onto the path of knowledge. “It really started back when I was in my late teens. I was a regular cat and one of the cops messed with me. I got beat up by the police. So I took it upon myself (to get educated).” Not your regular story you’d hear from a “kid in the hood,” who took a negative experience, and used it as fuel into who he has become today. Destined for greatness Echo states “I gotta do this. It’s not even a question of whether or not I can or should or shouldn’t. I have no choice. It’s something in me I can’t even stop.”

To say the least, I believe Echo will soon make his way to the top charts, because at the rate in which the rap game is headed it will no longer be able to sustain itself. We have entered into a time of enlightenment where many are looking to artists like Echo who share something different with the world, in a very revolutionary way. Something that’s not being done in Hip Hop at the moment. It is time for that change, and I believe Echo may be one of the most epic artists to bring that to the table. To quote from his book “Shit I believe in,” he writes “Let’s arrive at a place where we are one with nature, like we once were.” More prolific, he writes “Let’s speak telepathically by opening our minds properly and stop the delinking with poisons, toxins, garbage, pollution, television, harmful medication drugs, divide & conquer tactics, religions, wars, land squabbles.”

Echo speaks to the urge for change many of us are feeling from within. Echo offers a fresh breath of air and enthusiasm. Along with him the world is taking a step towards walking in the path in which peace on earth is a feasible idea. The revival of Hip Hop is here, with artists like Echo who are on a mission to change the world. As the saying goes “Those who are crazy enough to believe they can change the world. Are the ones that do.” Check him out when you get a chance! Join the movement.



Keep Calm, and go Vegan

Not too long ago I took on the “venture”  of going completely vegan. (a.k.a Raw Food Diet) This idea came about after first abstaining to only seafood, to officially ditching meat all together. One of the many questions that I often get is “How do you get your protein?.” Well my friends, if we all actually did our own research we would learn that it is not only healthier to not consume meat, but it seems to be a part of the “natural way” of human life.  Out of all the species on the planet who eat foods, may they be herbivore or carnivore, the human species is the only one who opts to cook its food. (Which is often the pseudonym used for killing your food.) Yes protein is found in many meats, but it is also found in almost everything from spinach, to fruits, seeds, nuts, almond milk, etc. Thus the need of protein via meat, can be viewed as somewhat of a myth.

In an article written by ABC, they discuss the way meat manufacturers use carbon monoxide in meats to keep the meats color red, and “fresh” looking. Within the article they discuss a piece of meat treated with carbon monoxide, that was over two years old, but still held its red color. (Hmm.. a bit odd)  Now,  anybody with a sensible brain would understand that any product that contains any non-natural additives IS NOT  healthy, nor natural for the human body. Don’t believe me just look on the back of a product you buy, and I can guarantee you can’t pronounce half of the ingredients. Then look up the health benefits, that is if you can find any. In a Doctor Oz special about  GMO (Genetically Modified) foods, they discuss the many reasons why GMO’s, as well as food additives may be harmful to one’s health. (Thus Prop 37, urging companies to label GMO foods)

In a world where it is becoming increasingly obvious that the rise of sicknesses and health issues is at an all time peak. (US has highest obesity levels)  We must take a step back to analyze the things we put into our bodies, giving it its “life.” I don’t want to go on a tangent about how eating meat is evil, because all in all, do you really know what you are eating anyways? With recent meat scandals, GMO foods in plentiful quantities, corn-fed animals injected with steroids, hormones, antibiotics, etc, and dis-ease on the rise, it’s time to really use our brains and decide do we want to keep contaminating our bodies?

In a recent documentary titled “Hungry for Change,” They discuss the many foods we consume that are often high in calories, but offer the body no nutrition. This being one of the reasons for the spike in health issues seen at almost epidemic levels, especially in kids. Not to mention we are more dis-ease ridden today than we were 50 years ago. They also discuss that we are dealing with foods that contain particular ingredients that cause the consumer to crave more of the food, similar to an addiction. This fact  has become one of the many reasons I have chosen to lose the meat. We are no longer consuming just meat, we are consuming antibiotics, hormones, and only heaven knows what else.

If you’d like to look at it on a spiritual level, look at it like this. EVERYTHING has a vibe, aura, frequency, (whatever you’d like to label it) and considering the animal you are eating is dead, the frequency of that animal is very very low. Ever seen a dead human body? There seems to be that spark of life missing, YES? Well all in all you are consuming something that will offer NOTHING to the light within you, so why consume it. 1000 years ago who was really counting calories, worrying about protein intake and looking at so-called food pyramids? Let me guess, NO one. Look at a vegan diet as a way to build the spirit that lives within you. Stop trying to fix your health problems from outside in, and work on it from the inside. Never forget we are MIND, BODY, AND SOUL. One of which is eternal, so treat it well, and give your body “food for the soul.”





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